Why Bowen

January 10, 2017

Since I began my training most people have questioned why Bowen? The answer is easy, it worked for me!

I first came across Bowen just over a year and a half ago. My eldest collie dog Cato had a shoulder injury, being quite a sensitive soul, standard canine massage was quite stressful for him so it was suggested we give Bowen a go. Enter into my life Helen Worthington from www.companionbowen.co.uk. The treatment was gentle and on Cato’s terms, the response was immediate. Whilst at the appointment Helen suggested the next time we met she treated me too, I apparently looked in need of straightening out a little, I’d mentioned having M.E during our appointment and Helen felt she could help with this too. 

I’ve always been very dubious of ‘holistic therapy’ all that talk of energy just made me smile politely, turn away and roll my eyes, so I went into my 1st treatment with very little in the way of expectation. I knew it had benefitted Cato but it was going to take something quite extraordinary to convince me it was appropriate for humans. 

Immediately afterwards I felt like I’d had some ‘loosening’ work done but nothing spectacular, 4 hours later I felt like I’d been hit by a bus! My word did I sleep well, 24hrs later and bits that had ached for months bore very little pain. I decided a few more treatments were worth a go. 

Over the next few months I had several treatments and significant changes became evident. My morning aches, pains and stiffness lessened, my mood was better and my energy levels improved too. The response to this eye rolling holistic treatment was undeniably positive. Don’t get me wrong I have still had some rough times with my M.E but recovery seems much quicker than previous episodes. 

Over the last year and a half I’ve done more research into the benefits of fascial tissue release and the science sits comfortably with me. I have a keen interest in sport; human and canine, and as part of this athletes being ‘fit for purpose’ is often a topic of conversation. Through my work in education I have become aware of the increasing importance of general well being and good mental health in such a fast paced world both for us as adults and our youngsters. This therapy has benefits in all the above areas, with the added bonus of being so gentle it can be used on anyone, regardless of age and fragility. After extensive conversations with Helen about my suitability to deliver Bowen I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up to train up as a therapist. My training journey began in October 2016, so far so good!

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