About Me

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Laura Johnson

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, I currently work part time as a Teacher in SEN, my husband and I both love sport and are members of Field Hockey clubs. Through the summer I also compete in Dog Agility with our two Border Collies; Cato and Remus.

After discovering Bowen Therapy not only for my own needs but also that of my dogs, I made the decision in the Summer of 2016 to train as a Bowen Practitioner. This training concluded in October 2017, just before the arrival of our 1st child Gwendolyn in November 2017.

My Bowen Therapy Practitioner business launched early in 2018 under the business title TREATment Table: Bowen. Initially this business was solely focussed on humans, but since qualifying in Canine Bowen Technique in December 2019 I am now able to offer this fantastic remedial therapy to both owners and their dogs.

The Bowen Technique continues to fascinate me and due to this I regularly attend CPD in various associated treatment modes to strive to extend my knowledge and offer the best service possible.