Autumn News

So the summer was suitably amazing both in terms of the weather and the growth of Treatment Table Bowen.

In Clinic

I’ve seen several new clients who’ve fallen in love with Bowen, Intro to Bowen parties have been a hit and enjoyed by hosts and guests, and we have a couple of clients who’ve sent me the exciting news that they’re ‘expecting’. Did you know that Bowen has been cited on several occasions as a contributing factor to conception? whether it’s due to reducing the females stress levels or making subtle changes to posture alignment I’m honestly not sure, but I know from my own pregnancy story there is definitely something in Bowen that assists in some ladies falling pregnant very quickly after treatment!!!

This Month…

This month we will be focusing on 3 things at Treatment Table.

1. This month sees me start the next chapter of my Bowen training. Cato, Remus and I are off to Northamptonshire next weekend to participate in the 1st part of my Canine Bowen Training. With any luck, I’ll be able to practice on our doggy friends very soon!!!

2. The winter sports season is soon to begin, whether you’re involved in a team or individual sport Bowen could play a huge part in taking your performance to the next level and keeping you injury free. Therefore I’m offering a 3rd treatment for £20 when you book and pay for 2 treatments up front! Also look out for information on our Gravity device and products for your sports bag!!!

3. September is the soil associations organic month. Here at treatment table we promote and sell products from Neals Yard. These are a fantastic Natural and Organic range that focus on both inner and outer health, their skincare products and natural remedies are firm favourites in our household!!! Check out the products and order at

For more information on organic September and the changes you can make, including zero waste week visit

Out and About

Finally, if you’re interested in Bowen Therapy and would like to talk face to face about what it could do for you or your dog why not pop and see me at Suffolk Five Rivers Kennel Club Dog Agility Show at Trinity Park, Ipswich on September 29 and 30. I will have a trade stand where you can chat about you or your dogs needs and see examples of what’s involved in a Bowen session. There will also be a few Neal’s Yard Products available to sample.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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