Spring’s finally sprung!!!

A bit later than planned, but here’s our June news letter!

Clinic News

Week by week our client list is growing here at Treatment Table. I still love hearing the differing affects Bowen has on each individual, from pain relief, to reduced stress levels, and improved sleep. Clients are still amazed how much of an impact they feel given how light the therapy is.

June sees the launch of more treatment times. Monday evening clinic remains with the addition of Friday appointments now also available.

As many of you know, many of my weekends are spent running our Border Collies; Cato and Remus at Agility shows. Before the end of this year I will have begun my canine Bowen course and hope to add canine treatment appointments to the practice in the near future. While we wait however, I am keen to introduce Bowen to dog handlers and nearly always have my Treatment Table in the van. If you see me at a show ask what Bowen could do for you!!

June also sees the launch of Discover Treatment Table parties. This is a chance for you and some friends to experience Bowen Therapy in the comfort of your own home. Whilst I’m doing sample treatments you and your guests will be able to trial Neal’s yard products, use the gravity device and ask any questions about the treatment and products. These parties are bespoke to the host so get in touch if you think this is an evening in you’d like to be part of!


Bowen Therapy is a holistic therapy, treating the body as a whole. My interest in the therapy has led me to investigate how our health can be improved through diet, natural remedies, and other therapy’s. This magazine has been a great starting point to my research. I am yet to read an issue and not learn something that is of benefit to either myself or a client.

I have plenty of back issues here at Oldfield, so if you fancy taking a few away for a flick through, let me know!

Product Awareness

The pollen count at the moment is through the roof and most of the population is reaching for the antihistamines. However maybe it’s worth considering some of the natural remedies listed above alongside regular Bowen for a more natural approach.

Neal’s Yard also provide products and supplements that can lessen the symptoms of hayfever.

White Tea face mist and eye gel for those swollen itchy eyes.



Peppermint oil in a carrier such as almond or coconut oil under the nasal area so stop the pollen reaching your nostrils.


Antioxidant Boost for inner health to fight off those allergens


Focus on…

Baby Bowen

Bowen is such a gentle treatment it can be used on babies as soon as they’re born. Since having Gwen I’ve found Bowen not only to be highly effective in treating common baby issues such as colic and constipation, but also in calming and relaxing her. Bowen is administered to babies by the practitioner in the presence of the parent/s, tiny Bowen moves are done on specific areas of the body with breaks of a few minutes in between each sequence of moves.

Only a small amount of Bowen is needed to make an impact on the fast developing body of a baby, and often one session can remedy a problem for good.

Read testimonies on the effectiveness of infant Bowen at this link


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