January 15, 2017

The forecast of snow always brings a childlike excitement to me, which is usually swiftly followed by either frustration at the inability of local services to deal with it or disappointment at the amount of snow we actually get. This weekend was no different, however it has become apparent I have adapted to my surroundings without my knowing!!

I grew up in Wales where most of the time if they refer to snow it means you’re going to be ankle deep in the stuff and you are expected to carry on as normal. I cannot put a number on the amount of times I was sent out to wait for the school bus in a near blizzard where the road was clearly not fit for vehicles under modern standards. Schools stayed open, you turned up for work, and there was no such thing as supermarket panic buying because quite frankly ‘it’s only a bit of snow’. I’ve always prided myself on this approach, I’m happy to drive in it, go out in it, turn up to work and I certainly don’t prepare for it. Or so I thought!!

I have been using a Friday to go canix running with Remus (one of the Collies). He loves it and I generally puff and pant whilst being pulled along. So this Friday I got up, put my running stuff on and opened the front door to light snow flurry and about 2mm of snow; or that’s what I would’ve called it had I still lived in Wales. I now live in Suffolk and have done for some time therefore there was no way I was going out in this full scale blizzard and deathly depth of snow, it had broken leg written all over it. Yes southern me closed the door without setting foot outside and put the kettle on instead. Whilst sipping my hot beverage the significance of what had just happened occurred to me, I have become an East Anglian. So, keen to prove I could still do it the Welsh way I got in the car, drove down the road in the snow and did my supermarket shop (only buying what was on the list-unlike most of the shop with trolley loads of milk and bread). On arrival home the dogs were walked in a grand total of zero millimetres of snow!!

Away from the snow it’s been another busy week of work and play. 

My good deed for the week was to donate a bag of old dog harnesses, toys and coats to our local blue cross. All gratefully received. 

I made time to see some friends something I don’t do often enough!!!

The quote of the week from my day job in education was a young child asking me “are you watching our lesson because you want to be a teacher when you’re older?” (Can’t deny I interpreted that to mean I looked like a 21 yr old graduate investigating the teaching career! please don’t burst my bubble and tell me otherwise)

My Bowen work this week has consisted of putting my husband back together following his indoor hockey weekend so work to the lower back, knees and hamstrings, plus a sturdy prescription of Epsom salt baths. Additionally my two new clients from last week had their second treatment, both commented on changes to the way they felt but it’s probably too early to judge whether they are environmental or down to their treatments. Treatment 3 is usually where anything significant begins to become apparent. 

Looking forward, the upcoming week will involve some hardcore study as I’m off on part 2 of my Bowen course at the weekend. It’s fair to say I’m a little excited!!!

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