Weird and Wonderful Weekend

Bowen Training Module 2 January 20-22, 2017


Huge thanks to Catherine and Craig for putting me up, Aunty Pauline and Uncle Richard for looking after the pooches, and a massive congratulations to Hubby Robin and the Ipswich Team for winning National Indoor Hockey Division 2 this weekend! Unbelievable achievement!!! Now on with a Bowen update!!

Working and studying was always going to be tough and that’s without the fact that on the 1st day of each new module weekend I have to get up an hour earlier than if I was at work. Luckily once at my course I have the luxury of staying at a friends nearby. The fact that these friends own several collies including brother and little sister to one of mine is an added bonus!!

This weekend was all about refreshing and recapping what we learnt in module 1. Having done several treatments recently I’m glad to report I’ve been doing it right, that said some extra hints and tips, and reminders were all gladly received. There were plenty of opportunities to practise on each other and with that came the opportunity to be treated. 

Generally Bowen treatments make me feel more relaxed, occasionally I get a little stiffness the day after but for the most I feel good. It would seem this is not the case when I have my hamstrings repeatedly worked on!!! Now we’d had some weird reactions to treatment in module 1 within the group but I was not amongst the ‘weirdos’, saying that i was the person delivering treatment when a strange reaction occurred. Due to this at no point did I think it would be me that everyone would be laughing at on day 2 but by the end of the day I had one leg longer than the other and my proprioception of where my feet needed to be in comparison to the floor was well out, basically I looked like I had got steaming drunk following running a marathon. Stiff, unsteady, and requiring something to hold on to in order to make the journey from one side of the room to the other. I must add here this is the most extreme reaction I’ve had to Bowen and it is most likely due to the amount I had in one day. Step in course leader/teacher to realign me, following a speedy combination of coccyx, pelvis and TMJ procedure and not only did I manage to walk out of the building unaided but I also drove to my weekend dwelling and was treated to a home cooked meal. 

Final day was ‘assessment day’ now during my day job I spend many hours talking to students about how to manage exam stress and anxiety so in my mind this would be fine. What I discovered is that I basically tell my pupils a script of complete nonsense and expect an unachievable level of calm. In reality when the pressures on you feel it right from your hair follicles to the tip of your toes, and hats off to all of you that come through the other side of that without crumbling!! 

Good news is I didn’t crumble so I’m busy lining up my next batch of case studies to practice on and introduce to the weird and wonderful world of Bowen!!

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