Good,Bad and Out of Routine

February 2, 2017

This last week has been some what of a rollercoaster!! One of those weeks where everything happens at breakneck speed, all plans and routine go out of the window, and you find yourself grabbing on to whatever you can to steady yourself whilst flying by the seat of your pants hoping the you’ll land safely soon.

My day job in education has thrown up some testing cases, youngsters in crisis are always a worry and though we’re meant to ‘leave it in the classroom’ I’ve not meant a Teacher yet who can honestly say they can do that after a difficult day. In my experience the people who go into teaching do it because they care about the teaching kids, not just the moments they teach them in the classroom but whether they’ve taught them enough to hold their own ‘appropriately’ when they leave the classroom. Some days in teaching you know that you haven’t managed that and it hurts!!!

In contrast the Bowen training has been great! Worked on 2 new clients, one whose main complaint was lower back pain, the other has historic knee pain and recently fell foul to a wet floor bum first. My back pain client has felt immediate positive effects of the treatment, the second client felt ‘aware’ she’d been treated in the 24hrs following treatment. Both will get they’re second treatment this week. I also completed my ‘ankle break’ client’s 3rd session. Mobility in the ankle joint has dramatically increased and her back pain has lessened substantially. 

Bowen was not going to be the answer for some of my dearest this week. Pip the cat played one game of chicken too many with the neighbourhood dog and after a trip to the vets is now sporting a poodle style tail-she is not impressed!!

Not to be outdone by the cat my husband ended Tuesday evening by taking out his contact lenses not realising he still had trace from coldsore cream on his fingers. Cue a late night trip to A&E to ensure he wasn’t going to go blind. He’s fine!!!

I can however finish on a positive. I managed to play hockey Saturday for the 1st time in a couple of months, we won which is always an added bonus! Sunday was just as fun filled as I had an agility lesson with a visiting trainer. Both dogs did really well and their/our progress was noticed! Positive comments are always greatly received, but definitely mean more when when you feel things are starting to run away from you! 

Hopefully it’s a turning point for things to calm down enough to land safely, refuel, and no doubt take off again!!

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