To Health and Happiness

January 2, 2016

Toast: Happy New Year; To health and happiness! Every year I’m part of a toast like this at midnight on New Years Eve, every year I make some kind of half hearted resolution that falls by the wayside by mid February…This year however I have a goal, just one; to become a fully qualified Bowen practitioner. However studying whilst working in education and keeping a work/life balance is likely to be quite a plate spinning exercise. If I want to stay happy and healthy I have to get this right!!!

Winter Mornings

It’s fair to say I love the crispness of winter, but I find the lack of daylight hours incredibly difficult, both in terms of getting things done (like walking the dogs), and managing my emotional well-being. Winter hours make me grumpy and anti social. I’m aware of it, but if I’m going to be studying I need to be productive outside of daylight hours so after a bit of research I’ve bought myself a wake up light.

After a week of use I can report that so far I am feeling better about waking up while it’s still dark outside, and the 30 minute sunset setting is seemingly making it easier for me to nod off. It’s also given me a prompt to ‘put the phone down!!!’ The minute the 30minute timer starts the phone is turned off.

Bowen Technique

This week has been quite exciting in terms Bowen in my life. Both my collies and I received treatments from Helen at Companion Bowen to iron out our aches and pains and get over the return to work stress, leaving a very relaxed and sleepy household. The added bonus of this was that Helen was brave enough to have a treatment from me. This was so useful as being a practising therapist she could advise me on what was good, what could be improved, and where to concentrate my practise over the next few weeks. As well as Helen, I treated my husband in preparation for him to attend a weekend of playing indoor hockey – the couch is up already in anticipation of his return. The impact of indoor hockey on the lower back and upper legs is immense so treatment of these areas pre and post activity has real benefits to performance and recovery. I also treated 2 young ladies who had never experienced Bowen before. One has had recent knee surgery, the other just out of a cast following a leg break. Both commented on the gentleness of the treatment, I’ll be seeing them again next week to see whether they feel there’s been any impact from the treatment. Some will, some won’t, so it’s worth a try!

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