Back to Bowen

May 16, 2017

Slow progress

Last time I posted I was just getting ready to go away for part 3 of my 5 part Bowen course and was very excited, that was back in March! 

Needless to say I loved it, but I found the new stuff really tricky to learn. I felt queezy all weekend and my head wasn’t in the right place. Therefore recalling the information when I got home was challenging.

Over the next few weeks I continued to feel unwell, and have been sick most mornings, and on and off through the day, and I was exhausted by 4pm, I will let you draw your own conclusions to the diagnosis I’ve been given, but my husband and I are very happy about it! My ability to practice Bowen however has been very hindered until the last few weeks.

Back on the Horse

I’m pleased to say that my time away from practising hasn’t affected my enthusiasm for the therapy and I’ve really enjoyed getting back on the Bowen horse in the last few weeks. Hopefully it’s full steam ahead from here and I can make up for lost time. My clients continue to see improvement in the reduction of back pain from a basic treatment, and the first client I’ve performed the TMJ procedure on has noticed an improvement in shoulder mobility (I didn’t go near her shoulder, the body truly works in amazing ways!!). So what next…

Well with an impending change of circumstances I’m starting to put together a proper business plan complete with logos, social media pages, treatment room designs, etc (all very new to me!!), my part 4 is in a fortnights time where we recap part 3; thank goodness!!! And we get a little insight into what part 5 and the final assessment will look like 😳.

Hopefully I can get back to regular blogging now, tracking the progress of my case study clients and sharing the little moments that continue to amaze me. But for now, back to the planning and revision!!

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